Registered Interior Designer, Heather Lind & Stefanie Mariani launch a new Interior Design Firm.

Posted Sept 15, 2014:

Rising Registered Interior Designer Heather Lind and Stefanie Mariani recently opened their own Interior Design Firm, mariniLIND. This Toronto based design firm is full service and is dedicated to creating timeless commercial, hospitality & residential spaces on schedule and within budget.

About marianiLIND:

marianiLIND’s aim is to provide a full range of affordable interior design services that can oversee all project phases for their clients/partners. Their goal is to create, restore, renovate and provide enduring designs through a hands-on approach. marianiLIND handles projects of all sizes and offers a wide range of design services that can include Project Management, Project Coordination, Design Concepts, Site Documentation, Design Development, Construction and Millwork Drawings, Budgeting, FF&E & Base Building Specifications, Installation and Site Supervision as well as Site Review and Evaluation. For more information, visit

marianiLIND’s goal is to become the leader in creative, sophisticated and highly functional interior designs. They take care of the technical, aesthetic and financial aspects of the design process in order to make the construction process easier for their clients/partners. They approach each project by reviewing the clients/partner’s requirements, determining location needs and identifying target audiences. They work on designing specifically for the property’s needs and to deliver a long term return on investment. marianiLIND appreciates the value of offering the best of the best to their clients/partners and as an up and coming leader of interior design, marianiLIND offers elements, styles and design solutions for all budgets.

About Heather Lind & Stefanie Mariani:

Lind & Mariani’s combined industry experience and creative genius’ make them superb candidates to make marianiLIND a leading global interior design firm. They are an individual’s of the absolute highest integrity who care deeply about the people they work with. Their combined experience and vision make them uniquely qualified to lead this interior design firm practice.

“I am really thrilled to create this talented team with Stefanie and expand my career. marianiLIND strives to deliver great service to all our clients/partners.” said Lind. Combined they have a strong foundation in hospitality, commercial & residential design and look forward to the opportunity to expand and differentiate the firm’s interior design practice in this exciting new phase of growth. marianiLIND strives to deliver great service to all our clients.

marianiLIND is set to change the world of interior design. They look forward to captivating clients throughout North America, and eventually spanning the globe. Visit for more information on marianiLIND inc. and their full range of services. To guarantee personal and attentive service, they are available by appointment only.

Media Contact:

Heather Lind | President | Registered Interior Designer
marianiLIND inc.
31 Strathmore Blvd | Toronto, ON, M4J 1P1 | 416.901.1372 | | |

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