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50 Shades of Grey – Interior Design

Today we will forget about the title of that racy best-seller and box office release and focus on shades of grey in interior design.  Colour experts say that our eyes can distinguish more than 500 shades of grey.  Grey has the ability to show an undertone of every single colour which is what makes it an exceptionally versatile colour for interiors.  While greys are truly blends of black and white, this combinations gives it advantages over other neutrals.

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Grey is available in a multitude of hues and shades which is why it has become a ‘go to’ colour both designers and home owners.  Grey play’s well with other colours, taking on cool or warm qualities of depending on the colours mixed in.  As neutral as a gray can be, it can also be tricky.  With it’s multitude of undertones, grey should always be tested in a space with it’s permanent fixtures to ensure a good marriage.  Grey is elegant, sophisticated, rich and understated.

From warm tones to cooler hues, the contrast offered by different shades of grey allows you to embrace a flowing basic colour scheme for your entire space.  Perfect for every space it can blend seamlessly with other vibrant tones and provides the perfect backdrop for accent colours. Even as a standalone colour, grey can be rich and defined. Layered in different shades and textures the possibilities are endless. Grey provides an aura of peace and tranquility but when combined with cool blue grey or chic shades with a hint of silver, can offer the ideal balance between serenity and style.

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It is much easier to accessorize with matching grey hues than and exotic colour.  Once the perfect grey canvas is set, one can change the accents depending on season, mood or latest colour trend. The natural neutral characteristics of grey allow us to experiment with both décor and accessories endlessly.  Deep grey’s combine nicely with dark must yellow, or deep teal.  Lighter shades can be paired with rich raspberry, the palest baby pink, turquoise, lime green, purple or even blue.

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Grey can go traditional, contemporary or even quite modern.  For a more traditional tone work with deeper, richer shades of grey and metal tones such as polished nickel, polished brass or pewter.  For a more modern, sophisticated look pair cool greys of different depths with white, silver and dark wood or lacquered furniture.

Grey is the ultimate neutral, go-with-everything colour that is timeless and elegant.  Update your space with your favourite shade of grey!

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