As a child, when you played Monopoly, did you buy hotels? They may have seemed complicated and expensive, but you knew if you had one you could make a fortune anytime your little brother or sister landed on the property. Real hotels operate in a similar fashion. They are a very costly to build and the amount of staff can rival a small nation, but if designed correctly they can be a very successful undertaking for a variety of guests and staff to enjoy.

As a Hotel designer we should be able to create environments that flow together and are functional to all patrons.  What sets us apart from Interior Decorators is that we understand the hotel’s functionality needs, it maintenance schedule, but most of all the needs of the traveler.  An Interior designer must understand the traveler’s needs and understand that those needs are more important than the designer’s desire for self-fulfillment and recognition as a trendsetter.  We need to engage hotel Guests and develop elements that will bring them pleasure and satisfaction.

Hospitality designers are social characters.  We like being around people and we desire to make them happy, excited and comfortable when they enter a space.  While we like to incorporate current trends and cutting edge designs, our primary design inspiration is always the guest.  Successful hospitality designers are those that can understand the end users requirements and create trendy, “signature” spaces that satisfy a guests requirement’s, and provide functionality and comfort for their stay.  Successful operations are constantly reinventing themselves and encouraging their customer experience philosophy throughout their organization.  Most importantly, we as interior designers need to understand the client’s requirements and must deliver these projects on time and on budget.

The red carpet can be defined as a red strip of carpet placed on the ground for high-ranking dignitaries to walk on when entering or leaving a building, vehicle or the like. Let’s make all our guest’s feel like dignitaries and roll out the red carpet for their next stay. Let’s create trendy, signature spaces that exceed our guest’s expectations.


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