The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort

Growing Trends … Hotel Interior Design

Hotels are revamping their styles and layout with creative solutions to adapt to the rapid social changes within society.  Today we will focus on 5 key trends that shape the world of hospitality design industry.


First impressions always provide the key to success for any establishment or person Hotel Lobbies should provide a multi-use space for social encounters, for casual and formal talks, for those working on laptops and even for those plugging in various devices.  The Main lobby is the first social hub of a hotel with segmented sections to provide both intimate and social zones.  An extravagant fixture or feature wall can leave a lasting impact on a client if budget allows.

w hotel southbeach

W Hotel Southbeach – Lobby

GUESTROOM configurations:

A king size bed, nightstands and a desk are no longer enough to make a hotel feel inviting.  Guest’s are expecting surprises to ensure they feel like they are comfortable and at home.  For many, the guestroom becomes a creative office for business travelers and they are looking for everything at the tip of their fingers.  Key ingredients are comfort, accessibility, functionality and trendy features.

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort – King Guestroom


Restaurants are becoming memorable spaces because of their design and artful cooking.  Creativity is being pushed to new heights through the design that turns each venue into it’s own destination.  Cooking has become a form of art and the restaurants are becoming the foods exhibitions space.  These destination restaurants are being designed separately from the hotel and their décor enhances the chef’s cuisine.  These spaces cater to today’s sophisticated travelers, offering them quiet luxury in a relaxed and warm environment.

JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek

JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek – Second Home Kitchen and Bar

Bathroom Feature that Feel like a SPA

Previously bathroom spaces were being minimized in order to expand the living area of a hotel room.  Now modern tourists are expecting beautiful spa-like en-suite bathrooms.  Spa-like features such as rain shower heads, oversized bathtub’s, frameless glass shower enclosures and free-standing vanities provide a sense of luxury and are appealing and inviting spaces where guests can relax.

W Hotel Hollywood

W Hotel Hollywood – Guest Bathroom


Branded hotel chains may carry similar pieces of furniture and finishes to create continuity and comfort amongst their different destinations, however the hotel owners and designers are adding local art to the design scheme to improve a guests perception of the place.  Whether it is a small sculpture or photography to large-scale installations, integrating an art project into the image of a hotel is a successful way to blend with the local origins.

JW Marriott Union Square

JW Marriott Union Square, San Francisco

More than anything, hotels should provide a sense of comfort and a feeling of home away from home.  Decorative features should all provide a memorable experience to each and every guest.



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